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Getting Here

Location International Office
University College of Teacher Education Tyrol

A-6010 Innsbruck, Pastorstraße 7, 1st floor, room A.1.004



Walking distance from Innsbruck main station: approximately 20 minutes


Public transportation:
Due to current road constructions in Innsbruck bus routes might change. For detailed information and timetables please check the websites of IVB and VVT.
Nearby stops are „Technologiezentrum“ or „Grabenweg“

  • Tram line 1 (direction Bergisel), tram stop „Stubaitalbahnhof“
  • Tram line STB (direction Fulpmes Bahnhof), tram stop „Stubaitalbahnhof“ 
  • Bus line T, bus stop „Cineplexx“ 
Travelling by train

Central stop: Innsbruck main station. Timetables are available at 


Travelling times:

  • Innsbruck-Munich appr. 2 hours
  • Innsbruck-Salzburg appr. 2 hours,
  • Innsbruck-Vienna appr. 4,5 hours
Travelling by plane

Airport Munich „Franz Josef Strauss“ 
Most visitors prefer to fly to Munich airport, as more airlines and cheaper rates are available for this destination.
Transfer time to Innsbruck: 2–3 hours via train, remote bus or airport transfer (e.g. Four Seasons Airport Shuttle Service)


Airport Innsbruck
Depending on the season direct flights to Innsbruck are available.
Transfer time to Innsbruck city centre: 10-15 minutes


Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart
Transfer time to Innsbruck: 2–3 hours via train, remote bus or airport transfer (e.g. Four Seasons Airport Shuttle Service)

Travelling by remote bus service

Innsbruck is served by all major long-distance bus companies. Some long-distance bus companies also offer airport transfers from Munich or Salzburg to Innsbruck, but the travel times are occasionally very long. Please check the timetables in this regard.

Travelling with your own vehicle

from direction Italy ... via motorways A13 and B182

from direction Germany...  via motorway A1

from direction Vorarlberg/Switzerland ... via motorway A12 


FAQ and Important Information

Here you will find important information on accommodation, travel, costs etc., as well as a checklists to support you to prepare your ERASMUS stay at PHT at the best. 



Academic calendar

Please check our website at Incomings / students / Academic Calendar (German / English)


Innsbruck is a town with 30.000 students; it is vital to arrange accommodation very early! Please check our leaflet for important information on housing.


Students from bordering regions (South-Tyrol, Southern Bavaria) have to be residents of Innsbruck for the study period and have to provide a confirmation of registration.

Download → Living in Innsbruck


After your university nominated you for an Erasmus+ study period at PHT, you will receive an email with the link to the online application form. Applications have to be submitted latest by May 15 for winter term resp. November 15 for spring term.

Download → Checklist ERASMUS at PHT


Students will have to be present for the full term, late arrivals/early departures are not accepted.
The academic calendar and important dates are available at:  Incomings / students / Academic Calendar (German / English)


We recommend to arrive a few days ahead of the official semester start resp. the Welcome Day, so you have time to settle in already. Please make sure to arrange flight dates, accommodation and (if applicable visa etc.) according to this.


Student homes usually rent for full months only, but sometimes it is possible to move in earlier. You will have to send a request to your dormitory. Otherwise students stay in a youth hostel for the first days until their accommodation is available.

Download: → Checklist ERASMUS at PHT ; → Living in Innsbruck



Classes start on the first day of the semester. It is very important to attend the first lesson of a course, as lecturers will explain the workload and requirements for passing the course. Your timetable will be made available at the Welcome Day. 


Last spring term, we were able to accompany all Erasmus students well through the difficult period. Many students also stayed in Innsbruck during the lockdown phase, and all students were able to continue and complete their courses online. Over the summer, extensive safety and hygiene concepts were developed for the upcoming academic year in order to be as well prepared as possible for the autumn and winter with COVID-19. 

Current information on data and measures can be found under the following links: 



For questions concerning control measures at Austria's borders, the  Bundesministerium für Inneres (Federal Ministry of the Interior) *) has provided information and documents on its homepage. 

Information on current entry and residence conditions: OeAD - entry and residence (website available in German and in English) 


*) website available in German only


Unless to visa-regulations, departure before the end of the official semester can't be accepted. Students will have to be present for the full term (no late arrivals/early departures). The academic calendar is available at  Incomings / students / Academic Calendar (German / English)


Download: → Checklist End of Erasmus, → Living in Innsbruck



There is no exam period at PHT. Courses resp. exams can be scheduled until the very last day of the semester. Courses often have an immanent exam character or exams are taken at the end of each course.

Health insurance

For the enrollment process our administration needs proof of sufficient health insurance from all our incoming students.


Students from EU/EEA countries: For health insurance coverage in Austria all citizens from EU/EEA countries please obtain an EHIC Card (European Health Insurance Card). The EHIC card will give you access to the same services that are available to Austrian policy holders. This does apply for treatments which are medically necessary during your stay in Austria; regular medical check-ups or screenings are not covered.


International Students: Students who have no public health insurance are advised to obtain a student self-insurance policy.


Please also see:

Learning Agreement

Please use the forms/database provided by your institution and fill in all data required. If there is no template available at your home university please contact the incoming student-coordinator at PHT for clarification and recommendations.

PHT Locations

PHT is proud to have a brand new campus at Pastorstraße 7.

Public transportation

The “IVB-Semesterticket” is a special reduced ticket for students for public transportation in Innsbruck or the whole of Tyrol. This ticket costs apr. € 150 for 6 months and is valid from March 1 resp. October 1 onwards. 


There is no need to buy tickets online in advance; you can buy tickets easily and cheaper on site in Innsbruck. Also, a confirmation of registration has to be submitted with the ticket application, this confirmation will be made available on the Welcome Day.

Student union membership fee

The Austrian Students Union (Österreichische Hochschülerschaft, short ÖH) is the general students' representative body in Austria and serves as the students' government by federal law. The ÖH is member of European Students' Union. Membership in the student union is compulsory for every university student in Austria, including international and exchange students.  

See also → Costs 

Transcript of Records

The "Transcript of Records" including grades and completed ECTS will be issued after the end of the semester and sent to the student resp. the home institution. 


Most visitors prefer to fly to Munich Airport, as more airlines and cheaper rates are available for this airport. More information is available  at International >> Office >> Kontakt & Anreise (German / English).

Information on current entry and residence conditions: OeAD - entry and residence (website available in German and in English) 


Exchange students from non-EU/EEA countries might require a visa for Austria. This also applies if they have a residence permit from another European country. Please note that incoming students are responsible for their own visa application, the International Office is not involved in the application process. As processing a visa application may take up several weeks or even months, we strongly advise you to file your application as early as possible.


For more information on entry requirements and residence regulations please check the following websites 

Factsheet_24-25.pdf (342.08 KB)

Courses & Teaching Placement

The course list is especially designed for international guest students and consists of several modular courses on international teacher competences, 20 resp. 25 ECTS per term. This course program is compulsory for incoming students.

As these compulsory 20 ECTS courses are held in English, so no knowledge of German is necessary!


We recommend to our incoming students:


The PHT can offer a certain number of teaching internships with accompanying seminars for incoming students (5 ECTS). 


Compulsory for non-German speaking students:

GERMAN COURSES especially for incomings

German Language Course (focus on reading and writing) level A1 or C1(1,5 ECTS)

German Language Course (focus on listening and talking) level A1 or C1 (1 ECTS)

According to German language levels, students can participate in courses from the regular PHT-course programme for primary education (Bachelor level) to reach 30 ECTS in total. 


Additional individual courses
If students need to fulfill 30 ECTS, additional courses can be chosen from the course program for primary education (bachelor level). For Incoming students with little or no German it is possible to choose from a range of courses where lecturers can give support in English. We especially recommend courses in Sports Education, Art, Craft & Design and Music. The curriculum for elementary and primary education is available (in German): Bachelorstudium "Lehramt Primarstufe", for more information and recommendations please contact the incoming students co-ordinator. 


Transfer of courses and ECTS
The sending institution is responsible for the transfer of courses and school practice. If required, more detailed descriptions of courses and modules will be made available.

For recommendations and more information please contact the Erasmus+ incoming-students coordination at PHT, Mag. Claudia Haas




Step 1 - Nomination

After being nominated by your home university we will contact you via email and send the link for the online application form.


Already at this stage we recommend to submit an application for a room at a student dorm or start looking for a room in a shared flat. 


Also, due to the current situation around COVID19, please inform yourself regularly about the current entry and health regulations. 

Step 2 - Preparing your documents 

Please prepare all documents before you start to fill in the online application, as you can not safe a draft. You have to upload the following documents:

  • Letter of Motivation 
    your qualifications, skills and experiences, reasons for a study visit in Innsbruck/at PHT, plans for your professional and personal future etc.; language: English (pdf, filename:your familyname_your first name_lom.pdf) 
  • Picture
    for student card (jpeg, jpg, filename: your familyname_your first name_picture.jpg)
  • Scan of Passport 
    (pdf, filename: your familyname_your first name_passport.pdf)
  • Scan of Insurance Card or Policy 
    (pdf, filename: your familyname_your first name_insurance.pdf)
  • Additional Documents
    e.g. certificates, recommendation letters etc. are optional (zip file, filename: your familyname_your first


To assess your language competences for German and English please use the European language levles CEFR.

Step 3 - Submit your application

Step 3: Complete and submit your application latest by:

  • May 15th for the upcoming winter term
  • November 15th for the upcoming summer term 
Step 4 - Online-Interview

We will check the documents and contact you within 10 days after the final deadline. If your documents are accepted, we will arrange an online interview with you.

Step 5 - Completing application process

After successfully completing the application process you will receive a letter of confirmation for being accepted at PHT.

Academic Calendar

Academic year  

Academic year 2023/24 - winter term

Lecture period: Fri 02/10/2023 - Fri 03/02/2024


Important dates: 

Welcome Day: Mo 02/10/2023

Students will receive further information via email from the coordinator for Erasmus+ Incoming Students.


Lecture-free periods, holidays

National Holiday 26/10/2023

Allerheiligen/Allerseelen 01/11/2023 - 02/11/2023

Mary Conception 08/12/2023

Christmas holidays 23/12/2023 - 05/01/2024

Semester break 05/02/2024 - 29/02/2024

Academic year 2023/24 - spring term

Lecture period: 04/03/2024 - Fri 28/06/2024


Important dates: 

Welcome Day: 04/03/2024

Students will receive further information via email from the Erasmus+ Incoming coordinator.


Lecture-free times, holidays

Easter holidays 25/03/2024 - 06/04/2024

Labour Day 01/05/2024

Ascension Day 09/05/2024

Whit Monday 20/05/2024

Corpus Christi 30/05/2024

Summer holidays 01/07/2024 - 30/09/2024


Academic year 2024/25 - winter term

Lecture period: 01/10/2024 - 31/01/2025


Important dates: 

Welcome Day: 01/10/2024

Students will receive further information via email from the coordinator for Erasmus+ Incoming Students.


Lecture-free periods, holidays

National Holiday 26/10/2024

Allerheiligen/Allerseelen 01/11/2024 - 02/11/2024

Mary Conception 08/12/2024

Christmas holidays 21/12/2024 - 04/01/2025

Semester break 03/02/2025 - 28/02/2025

Academic year 2024/25 - spring term

Lecture period: 03/03/2025 - 30/06/2025


Important dates: 

Welcome Day: 03/03/2025

Students will receive further information via email from the Erasmus+ Incoming coordinator.


Lecture-free times, holidays

Easter holidays 14/04/2025 - 26/04/2025

Labour Day 01/05/2025

Ascension Day 29/05/2025

Whit Monday 09/06/2025

Corpus Christi 19/06/2025

Summer holidays 03/07/2025 - 30/09/2025

Nomination and application 


Academic year 2023/24 – winter term

Nomination by the sending institution: latest by 01/05/2023

Submission of student’s application: latest by 15/05/2023



Academic year 2023/24 – spring term

Nomination by the sending institution: latest by 01/11/2023

Submission of student’s application: latest by 15/11/2023


Academic year 2024/25 – winter term

Nomination by the sending institution: latest by 01/05/2024

Submission of student’s application: latest by 15/05/2024



Academic year 2024/25 – spring term

Nomination by the sending institution: latest by 01/11/2024

Submission of student’s application: latest by 15/11/2024


All dates subject to change

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