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Erasmus - Policies

Erasmus Declaration on Higher Education Policy of PHT

The Erasmus European Policy Statement (EPS) briefly describes the cooperation strategy of PHT within the Erasmus+ program. The EPS was submitted to the Executive Agency in Brussels in 2013.


Extract from the mission statement of PHT:

(...) 11. we support European and international cooperation in the field of research and teaching through cooperation and participation in Austrian, European and international education and research programs. In doing so, the consolidation of the European dimension in schools and society is a particular concern of ours. All members of the university are open to the possibilities of national and international mobility in the field of pedagogical VET. We warmly welcome our partners in the field of lecturers, students and university administration and enable them to exchange experiences and integrate into our university. (...)


ERASMUS Universitätscharta

Erasmus University Charter (EUC) / Eligible universities

The compulsory condition for the participation of a higher education institution in Erasmus+ is the successful application for the Erasmus University Charter (EUC) or an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020 (ECHE) to the European Commission. This Charter entitles higher education institutions to apply for Erasmus funding from their national agencies.


The exchange of students, teachers and university staff takes place on the basis of bilateral agreements between the participating higher education institutions. Both institutions must hold a valid Erasmus+ University Charter.


Currently 32 countries are participating in the Erasmus+ program: all 28 EU Member States plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey.


Further information is available on the website of the European Commission Executive Agency:


Getting Here

Location International Office

Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 1,  3rd floor;

Postal Address: Pastorstraße 7, 6010 Innsbruck



Walking distance from Innsbruck main station: apr. 35 minutes


Public transportation:
Due to current road constructions in Innsbruck bus routes might change. For detailed information and timetables please check the websites of IVB and VVT.
Nearby stops are „Technologiezentrum“ or „Grabenweg“

  • Bus line F (direction Baggersee), stop „Technologiezentrum“
  • Bus line T (direction Neu-Rum/Kaplan-Straße); stop „Technologiezentrum“ !! best connection from PHT-locations Pastorstraße and Feldgasse, stop "Fritz-Konzert-Straße" 
  • Bus line R (via Baggersee-DEZ-Ikea), stop „Grabenweg“ 
Traveling by train

Central stop: Innsbruck main station. Timetables are available at 


Travelling times:

  • Innsbruck-Munic apr. 2 hours
  • Innsbruck-Salzburg apr. 2 hours,
  • Innsbruck-Vienna apr. 4,5 hours
Traveling by plane

Airport Munich „Franz Josef Strauss“ 
Most visitors prefer to fly to Munich airport, as more airlines and cheaper rates are available for this destination.
Transfer time to Innsbruck: 2–3 hours via train, remote bus or airport transfer (e.g. Four Seasons Airport Shuttle Service)


Airport Innsbruck
Depending on the season direct flights to Innsbruck are available.
Transfer time to Innsbruck city centre: 10-15 minutes


Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart
Transfer time to Innsbruck: 2–3 hours via train, remote bus or airport transfer (e.g. Four Seasons Airport Shuttle Service)

Traveling by remote bus service

Innsbruck is served by all major long-distance bus companies. Some long-distance bus companies also offer airport transfers from Munich or Salzburg to Innsbruck, but the travel times are occasionally very long. Please check the timetables in this regard.

Traveling with your own vehicle

from direction Italy ... via motorways A13 and B182

from direction Germany...  via motorway A1

from direction Vorarlberg/Switzerland ... via motorway A12 


FAQ and Important Information

Here you will find important information on accommodation, travel, costs etc., as well as a checklists to support you to prepare your ERASMUS stay at PHT at the best. 



Academic calendar

Please check our website at Incomings / students / academic calendar (german/english)


Innsbruck is a town with 30.000 students; it is vital to arrange accommodation very early! Please check our leaflet for important information on housing.


Students from bordering regions (South-Tyrol, Southern Bavaria) have to be residents of Innsbruck for the study period and have to provide a confirmation of registration.

Download → housing.pdf


After your university nominated you for an Erasmus+ study period at PHT, you will receive an email with the link to the online application form. Applications have to be submitted latest by May 15 for winter term resp. November 15 for spring term.

Download → Checklist ERASMUS at PHT


Students will have to be present for the full term, no late arrivals/early departures. The academic calendar is available at:  Incomings / students / academic calendar (german/english)


We recommend to arrive a few days ahead of the official semester start resp. the Welcome Day, so you have time to settle in already. Please make sure to arrange flight dates, accommodation and (if applicable visa etc.) according to this.


Student homes usually rent for full months only, but sometimes it is possible to move in earlier. You will have to send a request to your dormitory. Otherwise students stay in a youth hostel for the first days until their accommodation is available.

Download: → Checklist ERASMUS at PHT ; → Wohnen in Innsbruck / housing.pdf


Accommodation: € 300,00 – 500,00 per month


Austrian Student Union membership fee: € 20,20 (winter term 2019/20)


Food: Lunch at PHT cafeteria € 4,50–5,50; general costs for food for a month € 250,00–300,00


Public transportation: semester ticket for students apprl. € 130,00; ÖBB-Vorteilscard (reduction card) for students € 20,00


Other costs: books, making copies, and leisure time (courses on winter sports: when not held at PHT there are additional costs for accommodation, equipment and tickets to be covered by the students individually)


Classes start on the first day of the semester. It is very important to attend the first lesson of a course, as lecturers will explain the workload and requirements for passing the course. Your timetable will not be available until the semester start.  


Unless to visa-regulations, departure before the end of the official semester can't be accepted. Students will have to be present for the full term (no late arrivals/early departures). The academic calendar is available at  Incomings / students / academic calendar (german/english)


Download: → Checklist End of Erasmus, → housing.pdf



There is no exam period at PHT. Courses resp. exams can be scheduled until the very last day of the semester. Courses often have an immanent exam character or exams are taken at the end of each course.

Health insurance

For the enrollment process our administration needs proof of sufficient health insurance from all our incoming students.


Students from EU/EEA countries: For health insurance coverage in Austria all citizens from EU/EEA countries need an EHIC Card (European Health Insurance Card). The EHIC card will give you access to the same services that are available to Austrian policy holders. This does apply for treatments which are medically necessary during your stay in Austria; regular medical check-ups or screenings are not covered.


International Students: Students who have no public health insurance are advised to obtain a student self-insurance policy.


Please also see:

Learning Agreement

Please use the forms/database provided by your institution and fill in all data required. If there is no template available at your home university please contact the incoming student-coordinator at PHT for clarification and recommendations.

PHT Locations

Until 2021 the main building of PHT is under reconstruction. Offices and teaching activities are currently located at several venues in Innsbruck. For Primary Education, most courses take place at campus Mentlberg Castle, Mentlbergstr. 23. 

Public transportation

The “IVB-Semesterticket” is a special reduced ticket for students for public transportation in Innsbruck or the whole of Tyrol. This ticket costs apr. € 140 for 6 months and is valid from March 1 resp. October 1 onwards. 


There is no need to buy tickets online in advance; you can buy tickets easily and cheaper on site in Innsbruck. Also, a confirmation of registration has to be submitted with the ticket application, this confirmation will be made available on the Welcome Day.

Student union membership fee

The Austrian Students Union (Österreichische Hochschülerschaft, short ÖH) is the general students' representative body in Austria and serves as the students' government by federal law. The ÖH is member of European Students' Union. Membership in the student union is compulsory for every university student in Austria, including international and exchange students. The fee is € 20,20 (winter term 2019/20) per semester. 

See also → Costs 

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records will be issued after the end of the semester and sent to the student resp. the home institution. 


Most visitors prefer to fly to Munich Airport, as more airlines and cheaper rates are available for this airport. More information is available  at International >> Office >> Kontakt & Anreise (German/English).


Exchange students from non-EU/EEA countries might require a visa for Austria. This also applies if they have a residence permit from another European country. Please note that incoming students are responsible for their own visa application, the International Office is not involved in the application process. As processing a visa application may take up several weeks or even months, we strongly advise you to file your application as early as possible.


For more information on entry requirements and residence regulations please check the following websites 

Courses & Teaching Placement

Starting with winter term 2018/19 a modular course "Teaching and Learning Across Borders" will allow students to collect 20. resp. 25 credits per term. In addition, we can also arrange a teaching practice placement at a local primary school (5 ECTS). According to German language levels, students can participate in courses from the regular PHT-course programme to reach 30 ECTS in total. 


International Curriculum "Teaching and Learning Across Borders"  
Compulsory for incomung students, modular courses on international teacher competences, 20 resp. 25 ECTS per term. The detailed course programme for winter term 19/20 will be published by April 15th.


Additional individual courses
If students need to fulfill 30 ECTS, additional courses can be chosen from the course program for primary education. For Incoming students with little German it is possible to choose from a range of courses where lecturers can give support in English. We especially recommend courses in Sports Education, Art, Craft & Design and Music. The curriculum for elementary and primary education is available (in German): Bachelorstudium "Lehramt Primarstufe", for more information and recommendations please contact the incoming students co-ordinator Anita Konrad. 


Teaching Practice
The Pedagogical University can provide a certain number teaching practice placements with accompanying seminars for Incoming students (5 ECTS). 


Transfer of courses and ECTS
The sending institution is responsible for the transfer of courses and school practice. If necessary more detailed descriptions of courses and modules will be made available.

For recommendations and more information please contact our Erasmus+ incoming-students coordinator Anita Konrad. 



Step 1 - Nomination

After being nominated by your home university we will contact you via email and send the link for the online application form.


Already at this stage we recommend to submit an application for a room at a student dorm or start looking for a room in a shared flat. 


Also, due to the current situation around COVID19, please inform yourself regularly about the current entry and health regulations. 

Step 2 - Preparing your documents 

Please prepare all documents before you start to fill in the online application, as you can not safe a draft. You have to upload the following documents:

  • Letter of Motivation 
    your qualifications, skills and experiences, reasons for a study visit in Innsbruck/at PHT, plans for your professional and personal future etc.; language: English (pdf, filename:your familyname_your first name_lom.pdf) 
  • Picture
    for student card (jpeg, jpg, filename: your familyname_your first name_picture.jpg)
  • Scan of Passport 
    (pdf, filename: your familyname_your first name_passport.pdf)
  • Scan of Insurance Card or Policy 
    (pdf, filename: your familyname_your first name_insurance.pdf)
  • Additional Documents
    e.g. certificates, recommendation letters etc. are optional (zip file, filename: your familyname_your first


To assess your language competences for German and English please use the European language levles CEFR.

Step 3 - Submit your application

Step 3: Complete and submit your application latest by

  • May 15th for the upcoming winter term
  • November 15th for the upcoming summer term 
Step 4 - Online-Interview

We will check the documents and contact you within 10 days after the final deadline. If your documents are accepted, we will arrange an online interview with you.

Step 5 - Completing application process

After successfully completing the application process you will receive a letter of confirmation for being accepted at PHT.

Academic Calendar

Study year 2019/20


Winter term 2019/20

Semester dates: 30.09.2019 – 03.02.2020


Important dates:

30.09.2019 ... Startklar Welcome-Day - compulsory for E+ incomings

01.10.2019 ... Deadline, nomination Erasmus+ student mobility for spring term 19/20

15.10.2019 ... Deadline, application Erasmus+ incoming students, spring term 19/20


Lecture-free times 

26.10.2019 ... Austrian National Holiday

01. / 02.11.2019 ... All Saints'

08.12.2019 ... Feast of the Immaculate Conception

23.12.2019 - 06.01.2020 ... Christmas Holidays

03.02.2020 - 01.03.2020 ... Semester Break

Spring term 2019/20

Semester dates: 01.03.2020 - 03.07.2020


Important dates

28.02.2020 ... Welcome Day spring term, compulsory for E+ incomings 

15.05.2020 ... Deadline for nominations for winter term/study year 2020/21

30.05.2020 ... Deadline for applications for Erasmus+ incoming student mobility, winter term 20/21


Lecture-free times, holidays

06.04.2020 - 13.04.2020 ... Easter Holidays

01.05.2020 ... Labour Day

21.05.2020 ... Ascension Day

30.05.2020 - 01.06.2020 ... Whitsun

11.06.2020 ... Corpus Christi

01.07.2020 - 30.09.2020 ... Summer Holidays


Study year 2020/21 (all dates provisional)


Winter term 2020/21

Semester dates: Thu 01.10.2020 – Fr 30.01.2021 


Important dates:

Welcome day (attendance obligatory): not yet decided, either 28.10. online or 30.10. with attendance


Further dates will be published shortly. 

Spring term 2020/21

Semester dates: 01.03.2021 – 26.06.2021


Further dates will be published shortly. 




Erasmus+ for lecturers and staff

Lecturers and staff of PHT apply each year to take part at a mobility within the ERASMUS+ programm. Until mid of October the rectorate decides on the applications according to key issues and special subject focus.


Contact for further information and questions: 
Melanie Steiner


Welcome to Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol!

In order to be able to offer you a well-planned program at PHT, we ask you to contact the International Office at an early stage of planning your mobilitiy. 


Erasmus+ staff or teacher mobility

For information on staff or teacher mobility within Erasmus+, please contact: Mag. Melanie Steiner

Erasmus+ students

For information about studying a semester at our institution within the Erasmus+ program, please contact: Mag. Anita Konrad

Partner universities

PHT is proud to have more than 50 partner universities all over Europe. All our inter-institutional agreements are intended for the primary and elementary education sector. If the partners are also suitable for vocational education, nutrition and IC, this is noted. 



Haute Ecole Robert Schuman / Arlon
Agreement to 2020/21; special needs, primary and pre-primary education

Universität Liège
Agreement to 2021

Vives University College
Agreement to 2021; special needs education

UC Limburg
Agreement to 2021; primary education

Thomas More Kempen
Agreement to 2020; primary education

HELMo - Haute Ecole Libre Mosane
Agreement until 2017/2018

Czech Republic

Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci
Agreement to 2021, primary, special needs education


VIA University College, Aarhus
Agreement to 2021, primary

University College South Denmark, Haderslev
Agreement to 2021, special needs and  primary education

UCL University College
Agreement to 2021,  primary education 

University College Copenhagen
Agreement to 2021, primary

University College Absalon
Agreement to 2020, primary


HAMK University of Applied Sciences / Hämeenlinna
Agreement to 2021, food and nuitrition education

University of Helsinki
Agreement to 2021, primary education, special needs education


Université de La Rochelle
Agreement to 2021, primary education

Université de Strasbourg/ IUFM d'Alsace
Agreement to 2021, primary education

Université Paris Nord 13
Agreement to 2021 - ONLY staff/lecturers

Université de Poitiers / ESPE Académie de Poitiers
Agreement to 2021, primary education


Technische Universität Dresden
Agreement to 2021, vocational education, food and nuitrition education

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Agreement to 2020/21, vocational education, ICT

Universität Flensburg 
Agreement to 2021, primary, special needs and pre-primary education  

Pädagogische Hochschule - Schwäbisch Gmünd
Agreement to 2021, primary

Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe
Agreement to 2021, primary

Universität Regensburg 
Agreement to 2020/2021 - ONLY staff/lecturers


Óbuda University, Budapest
Agreement 2021, vocational education

Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem ELTE Budapest, Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teacher's Training
Agreement to 2021, primary education

University of Szeged
Agreement to 2021, special needs education

Ireland (REP.)

Mary Immaculate College / University of Limerick
Agreement to 2020, primary education

Ireland; Northern / UK

Stranmillis University College Belfast
Agreement to 2021, primary, special needs


Università degli Studi di Padova
Agreement to 2021, primary, special needs education - Italian level B2 obligatory

Università degli Studi di Foggia
Agreement to 2021, primary education - Italian level B2 obligatory

Freie Universität Bozen - Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften, Brixen / Libera Università di Bolzano - Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione
Agreement to 2021; department in German: German C1, Italian or English B2; department in Italian: Italien C1, German or English B2.


University of Latvia, Riga
Agreement to 2021, primary education


Vytautas Magnus University (former: Vilnius Pedagogical University)
Agreement to 2021


University of Malta
Agreement to 2020, staff/lecturers only


Interactum University Katholieke Pabo Zwolle
Agreement to 2021, primary, special needs


University College of Southeast Norway 
Agreement to 2021, primary

Volda University College
Agreement to 2021


Uniwersytet Warszawski/University of Warsaw
Agreement to 2021, primary education


Escola Superior de Educacao de Lisboa
Agreement to 2020, only with Portuguese level B1+

Escola Superior de Educacao de Viana do Castelo
Agreement to 2021, primary, only with Portuguese level B1+


Universitatea "Lucia Blaga" din Sibiu
Agreement to 2021 , primary education


Universidad del País Vasco/ Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Bilbao
Agreement to 2021, primary, only with Spanish level B2+

Universitat de València (Escuela Universitaria de Magisteri "Ausiàs March")
Agreement to 2020; primary, special needs education, only with Spanish level B2+

Universidad Católica de Valencia "San Vicente Mártir"
Agreement to 2020; primary education, only with Spanish level B2+

Universidad de Almería
Agreement to 2021; primary, special needs education, only with Spanish level B2+


University of Örebro
Agreement to 2021, primary and special needs education

Kristianstad University
Agreement to 2021, primary


Pädagogische Hochschule St. Gallen
Agreement to 2021, primary and special needs education

Haute Ecole pédagogique du canton de Vaud - Lausanne
Agreement to 2020/21, primary


Ankara University
Agreement to 2021, primary education       

Yildiz Teknik Üniversitesi/ Yildiz Technical University
Agreement to 2021

Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent University
Agreement to 2021


Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford
Agreement to 2021, primary

Havering College of Further and Higher Education
Agreement to 2021, staff/lecturers only


PIETE – Partnership for Initial Entrepreneurship Teacher Education Mai 2018 – Mai 2021

n May 2018, the European Union defined eight key competences for lifelong learning. These also include the acquisition of entrepreneurial competence, i.e. the "ability to realise opportunities and ideas and transform them into values for others". To make a contribution to this, the Erasmus+ project "Partnership for Initial Entrepreneurship Teacher Education" (PIETE) was launched in autumn 2018, in which PHT is also involved. 


The aim of the PIETE project is to take greater account of the teaching of entrepreneurial skills in the initial training of teachers at upper secondary level. In order to ensure the necessary knowledge transfer, the project builds on institutional tandem constellations in which university experts from the areas of teacher training and entrepreneurial education work closely together.


Project information

Project number: 


Erasmus+ Strategische Partnerschaft (KA203)


Co-ordination partner, project management: 
Univations - Institut für Wissens- und Technologietransfer an der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg


Contact at PHT:
Mag. Dr. Mario Vötsch, Institute for Vocational Education


Other partners: 
Technische und Humanistische Akademie in Bielsko-Biała (Poland), Wirtschaftsuniversität Kattowitz (Poland), University Szeged (Hungary), Management Center Innsbruck (Austria), University Industry Innovation Network (The Netherlands).


Project website:

International Mobility KA107

Erasmus+ International Mobility (KA 107)

Within the new program generation of ERASMUS+ it is possible to also fund cooperations and study visits with non-european partner institutions. The Pedagogical University Tirol applied since the beginning of the prgoram for funding within the "ERASMUS+ International Mobility-programme" and received grants to continue to implement co-operations with teacher education institutions in Israel, Thailand, China and South Korea.


Project data call 2017

Project number: 2017-1-AT01-KA107-034892


Call: Erasmus+ KA 107 International Mobility


Co-ordiniating partner: PHT


Duration: June 2017- June2019


Contact at PHT: Mag.a Melanie Steiner



Partner institutions:


Israel Gordon College of Education, Haifa

Thailand Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, Bangkok

China The Education University of Hongkong, Hongkong





  • Summary Report cooperation PHT-Gordon College of Education ... zum Bericht (German | English)
  • Teaching and Learning Across Borders - Mai 2019, STA-Mobilities von Gordon College of Education und CRU ... report
  • Teaching and Learning Across Borders - Jan. 2019, STA-Mobility CRU, ... report
  • Projektbesuch von Dr. Ellen Zhang, EdUHK (Okt. 2018) ... report
  • Projektmeeting und CPD-Workshops von Dr. Ariella Levenberg und Dr. Davida Pollak, Gordon College of Education (Sept. 2018) ... zum Facebook
Project data call 2016

Partner institution: Souh Korea Gyeongin National University of Education, Incheon


Project number: 2016-1-AT01-KA107-016549


Call: Erasmus+ KA 107 International Mobility


Co-ordinating partner: PHT


Duration: June 2016 - June 2018


Contact at PHT: Mag.a Melanie Steiner

Project data call 2015



Kosovo University of Prizren

Israel Gordon College of Education, Haifa;

Thailand Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, Bangkok



Project number: 2015-1-AT01-KA107-001937


Call: Erasmus+ KA 107 International Mobility


Co-ordination partner: PHT


Duration: June 2015 - June 2017


Contact at PHT: Mag.a Melanie Steiner



ARC - Action-Research-Communities for Language Teachers
ECML, 2016-2018

Teachers are at the heart of the quality process in the language learning classroom. This project will support teachers in European classrooms in using action research as an essential tool for the development of reflective classroom practice highlighting ways in which teachers can enhance their self-confidence and professionalism. This in turn will improve the quality of their teaching and at the same time strengthen teacher confidence.


Project information

Call: ECML Call 2016: Languages at the heart of learning


Coordinating partner: PHT


Contact at the PHT: Dr. Christine Lechner,



Partner: Language Studio in Laugalækjarskóli; Brynhildur Anna Ragnarsdottir (IS) ; Centrul pentru formarea Continua in Limba Germana (CPD), Tita Mihaiu (BGR) ; Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton, Angela Gallagher-Brett (UK)
Assoziierte Partner: Renata Zanin, Freie Universität Bozen (IT)  Anita Konrad, Melanie Steiner, PHT (AT)



Envisaged outputs
  • Guidelines for action research and for networking strategies towards quality enhancement in language teaching
  • A practical guide to action research for teachers and teacher educators based on experiences from the ECML countries
  • Piloted models of trialled course units: format for training units to improve classroom practice through linking quality strategies to practical action research approaches.
  • Brochure including checklist and reflection
  • A set of success stories in several languages
  • Online platform with a bank of resources, including key documentation, and didactic materials
Envisaged outcomes
  • The adoption of an action-research based approach to language methodologies
  • Increased co-operation between classrooms practice and academic expertise
  • Positive impact on language education in classrooms through professional networks and peer supportHighlights

Action research communities for language teachers (ARC): national support event in Iceland

Action Research Communities for language teachers: ARC Network Meeting (Graz, Austria, 3-4 May 2018)

Action research communities for language teachers (ARC): report 2017

Action research communities for language teachers: Expert Meeting (November 2017)

Action research communities for language teachers: ARC presentation at the Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) annual conference at the University of Crete, 20-22 October 2017

Action Research: 10 projects ongoing and new tools to be developed

ARC Presentation (Action research communities for language teachers) at the C.A.R.N. (Collaborative Action Research Network) D.A.CH Symposium in Linz

Action Research for Language Teachers : project developments

Action Research Communities for Language Teachers workshop (Graz, 10-11 November 2016): workshop news

Workshop for teachers of German teachers - “Teaching about the culture of a target-country language in the language classroom: Austria” (Hermannstadt/Sibiu, Romania, 20-22 October 2016) 

ECML workshop "Action research communities for language teachers" (Graz, Austria, 10-11 November 2016)

Action research communities for language teachers: ECML workshop on 10-11 November 2016


The Pedagogical University Tyrol is involved in several EU-projects within the framework of ERASMUS+ resp. LifeLongLearning. These projects were and are funded with support from the European Commission. 
The publications reflect the views only of the authors, the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained.





The Erasmus+ Programme also includes the possibility for lecturers and members of staff to visit our institution.

The teacher mobility is financially supported by the European Commission. On the basis of the Erasmus University Charter and the PHT partnerships, the lecturers have the opportunity to teach at one of the partner University and participate in further educational activities. The aim is to strengthen the partnerships between the PH Tirol and its partner institutions, it offers the possibility to learn about other learning methods, skills and to gain new experiences.

If you are interested to visit the PHT within the Erasmus+ staff mobility please contact: Mag. Melanie Steiner


International Office

The International Office is responsible for Erasmus+ mobilities of students, lecturers and staff members at PHT. We also provide support and consultation for educational collaborations (nationally and internationally) as well as students, lecturers and staff members who want to engage in higher education programs of the European Union. The objectives in International mobility are defined in the Erasmus University Charter.


Our activities are being supported by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and the European Commission's Erasmus+ program.



Each semester we welcome up to 15 teacher students (bachelor level) within the Erasmus+ (KA103) and the Erasmus+ International Mobility program (KA107).


PHT offer study programs for teacher students in the fields of primary education, vocational education, information and communication pedagogy, nutrition and home economics, engineering and trades. 


If you have further questions, please contact our Erasmus+ incoming students coordinator Anita Konrad. 


Subscribe to International Office