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Step 1 - Nomination

After being nominated by your home university we will contact you via email and send the link for the online application form.


Already at this stage we recommend to submit an application for a room at a student dorm or start looking for a room in a shared flat. 


Also, due to the current situation around COVID19, please inform yourself regularly about the current entry and health regulations. 

Step 2 - Preparing your documents 

Please prepare all documents before you start to fill in the online application, as you can not safe a draft. You have to upload the following documents:

  • Letter of Motivation 
    your qualifications, skills and experiences, reasons for a study visit in Innsbruck/at PHT, plans for your professional and personal future etc.; language: English (pdf, filename:your familyname_your first name_lom.pdf) 
  • Picture
    for student card (jpeg, jpg, filename: your familyname_your first name_picture.jpg)
  • Scan of Passport 
    (pdf, filename: your familyname_your first name_passport.pdf)
  • Scan of Insurance Card or Policy 
    (pdf, filename: your familyname_your first name_insurance.pdf)
  • Additional Documents
    e.g. certificates, recommendation letters etc. are optional (zip file, filename: your familyname_your first


To assess your language competences for German and English please use the European language levles CEFR.

Step 3 - Submit your application

Step 3: Complete and submit your application latest by:

  • May 15th for the upcoming winter term
  • November 15th for the upcoming summer term 
Step 4 - Online-Interview

We will check the documents and contact you within 10 days after the final deadline. If your documents are accepted, we will arrange an online interview with you.

Step 5 - Completing application process

After successfully completing the application process you will receive a letter of confirmation for being accepted at PHT.