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Courses & Teaching Placement

The modular course "Teaching and Learning Across Borders" at PHT allows students to collect 20. resp. 25 ECTS per term. In addition, we can also arrange a teaching practice placement at a local primary school (5 ECTS). According to German language levels, students can participate in courses from the regular PHT-course programme for primary education (Bachelor level) to reach 30 ECTS in total. 


International Curriculum "Teaching and Learning Across Borders"  
The course program is especially designed for international guest students and consists of several modular courses on international teacher competences, 20 resp. 25 ECTS per term. This course program is compulsory for incoming students.


Additional individual courses
If students need to fulfill 30 ECTS, additional courses can be chosen from the course program for primary education (bachelor level). For Incoming students with little or no German it is possible to choose from a range of courses where lecturers can give support in English. We especially recommend courses in Sports Education, Art, Craft & Design and Music. The curriculum for elementary and primary education is available (in German): Bachelorstudium "Lehramt Primarstufe", for more information and recommendations please contact the incoming students co-ordinator. 


Teaching Practice
PHT can provide a certain number teaching practice placements with accompanying seminars for Incoming students (5 ECTS). 


Transfer of courses and ECTS
The sending institution is responsible for the transfer of courses and school practice. If required, more detailed descriptions of courses and modules will be made available.

For recommendations and more information please contact the Erasmus+ incoming-students coordination at PHT, Mag. Claudia Haas