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Visit from University College Copenhagen, Denmark

Visit from University College Copenhagen, Denmark



Servicestelle Hochschulkooperationen

During the first week of January 2020, Dr Helene Ae Hee Bang Appel (Københavns Professionshøjskole - University College Copenhagen, Denmark) was able to re-visit the PHT with Erasmus+ and continue to work with colleagues from the English elective course and the International office.

A lecturer for English at the University College copenhagen herself, Dr. Bang Appel participated in elective courses for English and courses from the international programme, working with international Erasmus+ students and in-house students. Her contributions and workshops involved questions on culture and identity as well as intercultural competences.  

Dr. Bang Appel also took the oportunity to visit PHTs practice lower secondary school and meet with headmaster Dr. Gregor Örley.

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