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Extensions to the scenario technique

Further sets of cards allow a deepening of the scenarios or can be used independently of them:  

Megatrend cards: powerful trends that shape society in the long term are described on a total of 10 cards. Central questions: How do these megatrends affect tourism (of the future)? What are the consequences of the trends for a previously created future scenario?

Perspective cards: the total of 14 perspective cards enable a multi-perspective view on scenarios and/or megatrends. The perspectives of politicians, civil society, the local population, the economy, guests, young people and the environment are each represented by two personas who have different perspectives on the topic. Central questions: How do the individual personas wish tourism (of the future) to be? Why? What are the consequences? Which areas of tension arise due to the different perspectives? Why? ...

Wildcards: extreme/unexpected future events or developments are described on 5 cards. Key question: how does the event/development affect the scenarios? 

Challenge cards: each of the 5 cards contains a challenge formulated as a "How might we ..." - question as a starting point for the co-creative development of solutions (ideas?).

Impulse question cards: a total of 5 impulse question cards each containing a provocative question on the topic that learners must answer either "YES" or "NO", although this is not easily possible. They then discuss the topic.  


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