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Future Box Tourism

The Future Box Tourism contains innovative educational materials on the future of tourism, which were developed by Helga Mayr (PH Tirol) and Christian Baumgartner (response & ability) based on the Future Boxes of the futurium, the House of Futures in Berlin. They are published under a creative commons licence and freely available in German and English. They can be used flexibly in teaching and learning:

  •     selected methods in a single or multiple teaching unit(s) and/or
  •     several methods combined in the context of one or several project day(s)


What's in the Future Box: a guide, various sets of cards (trend cards for developing scenarios, megatrend cards, perspective cards, wild cards, challenge cards, impulse cards, a brief guide and the individual method descriptions).


A specific activity in the form of a three-day Bootcamp Climate Change, Tourism, and Sustainable Development is described in the guide.


Follow this link to the german version.

Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol
Pastorstraße 7, 6020 Innsbruck



response & ability GmbH
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