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KA107 PH Tirol - GACE Israel: what is it about?

KA107 PH Tirol - GACE Israel: what is it about?


For more than three years now a cooperation has been existing with the Gordon Academic College of Education (GACE) in Haifa, Israel and the Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol (PHT) in the framework of an Erasmus KA107 project. A major focus of the project is "internationalisation@home", which aims to provide students and lecturers with an international teaching and learning experience at their home institution. In the context of this project, we have decided on digital mobility - sounds interesting? It is!

Students of the primary level of PHT and the primary and secondary level of GACE have for the first time in January 2019 completed a jointly moderated online seminar on the topic "World Children's Literature". This online seminar was embedded in a course taught by Etti Gordon Ginzburg at GACE as well as Melanie Steiner and Anita Konrad at PHT. The very good feedback on this seminar has led to the decision to implement this successful format in 2020 with a new group of students. In January this year, the cooperative and moderated online seminar took place within ten days. After a self-presentation in the form of a short video, the students shared their thoughts on the keywords "moral/message", "awareness" and "think globally, act locally". In the second activity, the students selected a literary text (picture book, children's book or poems) on these three topics, analysed it, presented it and explained its use in their own lessons. 

Due to the Corona crisis, the planned mobility of the lecturers could not take place, so the people involved in the project again decided in favour of online mobility. Reinhold Madritsch and Patrick Pallhuber held a webinar with students of the Gordon Academic College of Education on the topic of Open Educational Resources (OER) in early May. Students were given a detailed explanation of the theoretical principles of OER and the publication of the OER. The result is now OER on pedagogical innovations, which will be made available to the "crowd".

The cooperation between GACE and PHT on the conception of the webinar is currently resulting in a Moodle course on OERs, which can be taken by university lecturers from both institutions in the winter semester 2020 as part of internal further training. The PHT's Professionals' LAB will thus be involved in the cooperation. A success story that must be continued!

(Text: Patrick Pallhuber)

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