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Looking back and listening tip - Erasmus@PHT despite Corona 

Looking back and listening tip - Erasmus@PHT despite Corona 




The past summer semester has taken an unexpected and unsettling turn after only a few weeks.  The abrupt end of classroom teaching and the rapid change to virtual teaching demanded a lot from both students and lecturers. For the international students, especially the loss of the opportunity to get to know each other personally, to exchange, to discover and experience the host country together was a bitter disappointment. Nevertheless, with one exception, all incoming students continued and successfully completed their Erasmus semester at the PHT. 

Many of these experiences are difficult to put into words, so we would like to highlight one outcome of the course "Trends - e-tools for mobilities", (Mag. Reinhard Wieser, module "Go International"). 

Four of the incoming students - Diana, Ashley, (both from Hong Kong, China) Luise (Germany) and Borbála (Hungary) - composed and recorded an Erasmus rap together, without being able to meet face-to-face. Their track "Erasmus life" is available on Soundcloud and absolutely worth listening to!

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