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Teaching and Learning Across Borders | International Week December 2019

Teaching and Learning Across Borders | International Week December 2019



Servicestelle Hochschulkooperationen

From December 2nd-6th 2019, the Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol (PHT) had the pleasure of hosting Dr Isabelle Gatt, lecturer in Drama Education and in Creativity and the Arts at the University of Malta, Alexandra Mester, ELTE Tok (Hungary), Dr Auksė Petruškevičiūtė, Vitautas University Vilnius (Lithuania), and MSc David Garcia-Ramos Gallego, Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vincence Màrtir (Spain). The Teaching and Learning Across Borders-week was organized by the PHT’s International Office within the framework of Erasmus+. 

After introducing their universities and participating in a round table, each participant of the TLAB-Week followed an individual timetable with workshops, lectures, meetings with PHT rectorate and staff members, as well as a visit to the PHT’s practice primary school PVS Wilten.

Both guest lecturers from Spain and Malta focussed on theatre pedagogy and its transversal skills for the teaching profession. Dr Gatt delivered practical drama sessions exploring creative processes in storymaking and embodied storytelling. Dr Ramos-Garcia Gallego explored in his workshop together with PHT and international students how drama in education can help us to discover and deconstruct stereotypes, how to go beyond appearances and prejudices, how to be creative, and to identify and solve school conflicts through drama and theater.  

Dr Petruškevičiūtė, professor for educational sciences at the Vitautas University Vilnius  - also head of the Lithuanian social pedagogue association and former primary school teacher herself  - focused on questions of global education and how to adapt one’s own understanding of teaching in the framework of new technologies, new educational and social challenges.

Alexandra Mester, ELTE Tok, Hungary, met with members of the administration and organisational staff at PHT. She got a first-hand insight into processes and structures at PHT, exchanging on challenges and experiences in university administration.

From left to right: 
Mag. Anita Konrad (PHT International Office), Dr. Isabell Gatt (University of Malta), Mag. Christian Sedlacek (PHT), Mag. Claudia Haas (PHT, Head of Department for Primary Education), Mag. Thomas Schöpf (Rector PHT), Mag. Melanie Steiner (PHT International Office, Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator), Dr Auksė Petruškevičiūtė (Vitautas University Vilnius), MSc David Garcia-Ramos Gallego (Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vincence), Mag. Silvia Baldassari (PHT International Office). Not shown in this picture: Alexandra Mester (ELTE TÓK), Viktor Stefanov (PHT International Office)

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