Welcome to the International Office Website of the PHT!

As a service centre, the International Office is responsible for Erasmus+ mobilities of students, lecturers and staff members. 

We also provide support and consultation for 

  • Educational collaborations nationally and internationally. 
  • Students, lecturers and staff members who want to engage in higher education programs of the European Union

The objectives of the College of Education Tyrol in International mobility are defined in the EU-approved University Charter.

Our activities are being supported by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme.


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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our partners, colleagues and students!

The Team of the International Office is available again on Jan. 2nd 2019

ERASMUS+ goes beyond Europe

Over the past two years the Pedagogical University Tyrol has co-operated with the EdUHK Education University of Hong Kong through the International Mobility Programme within the ERASMUS+ KA107 framework. Currently, two PHT undergraduates on the Primary course are studying there, two students from EdUHK will study at PHT in spring term. This past week, Professor Dr. Ellen Zhang, from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction of EdUHK, visited PHT.  

Erasmus+-Restplätze für das Sommersemester 2019


Für das Sommersemester 2019 gibt es noch Restplätze an einigen unserer mehr als 50 Partneruniversitäten in 24 Ländern!

Erasmus+ Incomings winter term 18/19

Erasmus+ Incomings WiSe1819

Also this winter term we are happy to welcome students from our Erasmus+ partner universities at PHT. 

A very warm welcome to ...

Erasmus+ Incomings des Wintersemesters 18/19

Erasmus+ Incomings WiSe1819

Auch in diesem Semester dürfen wir wieder im Rahmen von Erasmus+ Studierende unserer Partneruniversitäten an der PHT willkommen heißen.

Wir freuen uns über ...

ARC – Action Research for Language Communities – Action Research für SprachenlehrerInnen

ARC national support event Iceland, TeilnehmerInnen und Projektteam

Das ARC-Team veranstaltete am 7. und 8. Juni 2018 in Reykjavík einen Workshop für Oberstufenlehrerinnen der dänischen, englischen, französischen, deutschen, norwegischen und isländischen Sprache als L2.

We're moving!

construction works

Due to the beginning reconstruction and general refurbishment work at PHT, the servers will be outsourced on 22–23 May 2018.

For this reason, PHT staff cannot be reached by telephone over the fixed network on these two days and access to e-mail is not possible in the offices!

Go International – Info-Marktplatz am 16.04.2018

Info-Markplatz PHT 2017

Am Montag dem 16.04. haben Studierende der PHT von 13:00-14:00 im SR 102  die Möglichkeit, sich bei Erasmus+ bzw. International Mobility-Studierenden und Dozierenden unserer Partnerinstitutionen direkt über die Universitäten, Ausbildungssysteme und Studienbedingungen der jeweiligen Länder zu informieren. Es sind 11 Universitäten aus 9 Partnerländern vertreten.