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Servicestelle für Hochschulkooperationen

Die Servicestelle Hochschulkooperationen (SHK) bietet Studierenden und Lehrenden Unterstützung bei der Nutzung der Hochschulprogramme der Europäischen Union. Die Zielsetzungen der Pädagogischen Hochschule Tirol im Bereich der Internationalen Mobilität sind in der von der EU genehmigten Hochschulcharta festgelegt. 

Diese Maßnahme wird unterstützt durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung (BMBWF) sowie durch das Programm Erasmus+ der Europäischen Kommission.


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Welcome to our new incoming students

On Friday, 17 new incoming students arrived at PHT for the Erasmus+ Welcome Day! Coming from eight different nations, nine universities and with many more languages they will continue to study teacher edcuation at PHT for one term.

We are happy to have you with us and wish you a good start to the semester! 


Call for Registration - Teaching and Learning Across Borders

Teaching and Learning Across Borders

From April 16th-20th 2018, lecturers from our partner universities will have the opportunity to get to know the PHT and work together for a whole week within courses and activities with our international and in-house students. The aim is to share knowledge and experience between teachers and students in the areas of education and European as well as international educational policies.

E+ International Mobility project: Gordon Academic College of Education, Israel

Rector Schöpf welcomes Dr. Mizrahi and Dr. Sharon, Gordon Academic College of Education

With the visit of Dr. Mirit Sharon and Dr. Elena Mizrahi at PHT from December 11th - 15th,  the PHT started into a new round of Erasmus+ International Mobility (KA 107) and continued to work within the cooperation with Gordon Academic College of Education (Haifa/Israel), which started in 2015. 

E+ staff training: Jean Darmanin, University of Malta

Staff training Jean Darmanin, meeting with rectorate

Mr. Jean Darmanin, executive officer at the International Office of University of Malta, visited the International Office at PHT from 4th - 7th of December within an Erasmus+ staff training mobility.

Welcome to Innsbruck! Erasmus+ incoming students winter term 2017/18

Already two weeks ago our new Erasmus+ students arrived at PHT for the Welcome Day.

Full speed ahead our - for the first time - all-girls group has started their courses, school practice and the Erasmus+ modules. They have been busy getting to know their new home town for the next months and

10 year-anniversary Pedagogical University Tirol

10 Jahre PHT

10 year-anniversary Pedagogical University Tirol –  a reason to celebrate together with the university community, partners and guests.

Vice rector for academic affairs appointed

Presentation of the appointment degree for new vice-rector Mag. Prof. Elfriede Alber

The semester ends with very good news! After a long period of vacancy the new vice-rector for academic affairs was appointed. This Wednesday the federal minister, Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid, presented the decree to VR Mag. Prof. Elfriede Alber.

Sharing international experiences and expertise


Prof. Irma Eloff, PhD and Dr. Eva Lichtenberger at PHT ERASMUS courses

Despite the fact that we – the ERASMUS+ students - are coming from very different national backgrounds, there is one thing our educational systems have in common: teachers - especially at the primary level - are mainly women. Sometimes more than 90% of primary teachers are female. But as soon as it comes to the higher levels of management or policy making, the number of women declines (about this topic, have a look at the following report: ).