Studierende der Berufsschulpädagogik in Broadstairs, GB

Broadstairs, GB

Auslandaufenthalt der Studierenden des Lehrgangs „Berufsbezogene Fremdsprache Englisch im Bereich der Berufsschulpädagogik“ in Broadstairs, GB in der Karwoche: Have you ever heard of micro-pubs? No? Are you a fuddy-duddy, a wet blanket or just a dreamer? Or is the reason that you were not part of the lucky group of vocational school teachers who spent their Easter holidays in Broadstairs on the Isle of Thanet? Well, we can only tell you that you missed a great deal. We enjoyed extraordinary and challenging lessons during the day, developed our cultural awareness with our host families, learned lindy-hop-dancing and all there is to know about the Royal Family - except the name of the youngest Royal offspring, of course… If you ever plan to spend some time in England and would like to attend a language school, on whatever level your English is, we can only highly recommend Hilderstone College. The teachers there made our stay unforgettable and gave us wonderful ideas for our own teaching. Thank you so very much to the PHT and Hilderstone`s business administration for organising this wonderful trip.

Katharina Zobl, BEd MA