ERASMUS+ goes beyond Europe

Over the past two years the Pedagogical University Tyrol has co-operated with the EdUHK Education University of Hong Kong through the International Mobility Programme within the ERASMUS+ KA107 framework. Currently, two PHT undergraduates on the Primary course are studying there, two students from EdUHK will study at PHT in spring term. This past week, Professor Dr. Ellen Zhang, from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction of EdUHK, visited PHT.  

Professor Dr. Ellen Zhang, Assistant Professor of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and a council member of The World Association of Lesson Study, has been holding seminars and courses for students and staff at the Pedagogical University of the Tyrol and the Lower Secondary Practice School on Learning Study. She was also reaching out to PHT’s international student group on the English Elective with students from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Spain, providing inspiration for their future practice as teachers in their countries and their professional development. On the second day of the visit members PSI Andrea Weiskopf welcomed Prof. Zhang and members of PHT's Erasmus+ International Mobility-Team in Kufstein, where Prof. Zhang had the opportunity to speak about Hong Kong best practice to 13 school leaders. 

With Erasmus+ International Mobility (KA107), co-operations within the ERASMUS+ Programme lead to understanding of approaches to education at a global level.


© SHK; Meeting with teachers and members of a learning studies project

© SHK; English elective with students from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Spain

© SHK; Dr. Christine Lechner (Outgoing Students Erasmus co-ordinator PHT), Mag. Melanie Steiner
(Institutional Coordinator for Erasmus at PHT), Dr. Ellen Zhang (EdUHK)